Swimming Lessons, Training and Private Hire

Our Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes the Pool@Burnedge different to other swim schools in the area?

  • A private facility so you can learn, train and enjoy without being overlooked by others. This also makes it a very secure place for your family
  • Complimentary drinks for parents whilst they watch
  • Seating right by the pool so you can see and hear everything going on in the lesson
  • Swimmers wall of fame to mark your child's special moment
  • Flexible Swimming Award Schemes
  • Video used in stroke analysis during coaching
  • Kitchen facilities for you to use as part of your visit
  • High quality equipment to use in lessons, coaching and private hires
  • Flexibility to pick and chose when you would like to come each week subject to availability
  • We are transparent about our prices on our website

What is an Endless Pool?

An Endless Pool has a machine in it called a Fastlane.  The Fastlane creates a current to swim against.  The current can be changed depending on the speed you want to swim at.  The pool creates an endless piece of water to swim in.  See www.endlesspools.co.uk

What are your prices?

Our prices are listed at the bottom of each section. Please see individual pages for details. 

How can I book lessons?

To book swimming lessons, please visit our sister site to complete the registration form.  We will then be in touch to confirm details.  Registration Form

How can I book a Private Session?

Drop us an email at info@pool-burnedge.com with the time you would like to book it.  We will confirm asap.  We also post available slots on our Facebook page. 

How do I know when slots are available for private hire?

We list all our lessons and private hire sessions on our Google Calendar. Click on it to see when classes run and if there are spaces left in them.  You can also see when the pool is free for you to make a booking. Calendar

Where are you?

Please see the map opposite for directions.

Burnedge Mill

Broad Lane

High Crompton

In between Oldham and Rochdale

OL16 4QQ

Can I get public transport to Burnedge Mill?

Yes, there is a bus stop right outside the mill.  The No 435 buss stops there.

Which water initiatives do you support?

At the end of each year we will choose which Charity to support and share it on our website and Facebook.  Ones we like are and support already are:

  • Nile Swimmers
  • Lifeguards Without Boarders
  • Waterwise
  • International Maritime Federation

OL16 4QQ