Swimming Lessons, Training and Private Hire

Private Hires

Individual Hire for Training and Coaching

  • Are you training for a Triathlon or Open Water Swim?
  • Do you want to try your new wetsuite out before you go into open water?
  • Do you dislike having to weave through the busy swimming lanes at public pools or having to turn every 25m?
  • Do you like the idea of a private pool where your swim is not overlooked by others?

If yes to any of those, then hiring our pool will meet your needs.  You can hire the pool for either 30 min or hour long sessions.  By a session we mean actual pool time.  So you are welcome there a few mins earlier ready to get in at the start of your slot and maximise your session.  

You can set the Fastlane to whichever setting you like and the digital display will let you monitor the speed you are swimming.  The mirror on the floor will help you to analyse your own stroke and correct it if required. Relax after with a complimentary drink.

Prices: £15 per 30 mins or £25 per hour session.  Pay for 5 sessions up front and get a 6th free. 

Group Hire

Would you like a private swimming session with your family or friends?

Our pool is available for hire for groups. We can have a maximum of 6 people in the pool at one time. This does not mean you cannot bring a larger group but only 6 can be in the pool at once.  Maximum group size, 15 people. 

Prices: £20 per 30 mins or £35 per hour.